Smokin Baits

Customize the color of your soft plastics. Create unique designs that are perfect for your waters!

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  • TrackenRacksTv

    “I feel great about the baits long lasting, good quality, and fish catchen machines!”

  • Bassin Pastor

    “Smokin’ Baits is renowned for producing exceptional fishing lures that consistently yield impressive results. Their innovative designs, quality craftsmanship, customizable colors, and proven effectiveness make them a top choice for me when I’m on the water. If you want to smoke’em, you better be throwing smokin baits.”

  • Abide Fishing

    “…and now it’s time for: Tackle Roundup. Smokin Baits provides a completely customizable experience creating unique plastics that are limited only by your imagination.”

  • Design With Confident

    Design your perfect bass lure! Explore our color wheel for endless options. Craft custom baits for success on the water.

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